Through these initiatives we are giving kids more than just an instrument or an opportunity for music lessons...


Instrument Bank

Research shows that a music education helps students do better in other areas of academic study. More importantly, it gives them a positive activity that builds their confidence and teaches them lessons about diligence, creativity and teamwork.

Unfortunately, some children cannot afford to become involved in music lessons or other music programs, or even play in their school band or orchestra.

The Legacy Children�s Foundation Musical Instrument Bank was established to provide musical instruments for loan or permanent ownership to children and youth who without this assistance would not be able to take part in this type of potentially life enhancing musical experience.


NOTE: Unfortunately we are no longer taking instruments.

You might try your local schools, private music schools, private dance studios, or preschools to find out if their programs can use an instrument of this type.

Others you might try are service clubs such as the Lions Club or Boys and Girls Clubs, as well as checking the City of Calgary Web Site for organizations that work with refugee families.

And don’t forget to check even closer to home: there may be someone in your family, a child’s friend, or someone you know at work who could put the instrument to good use..

How to Apply for an Instrument

A copy of our application form can be obtained by contacting Legacy by Email or by Phone at (403) 244-3074.


We are giving them a chance to discover talents they never knew existed...

We are giving them a chance to believe in themselves.



Music Initiatives

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