'Gift of Music' Programs


Providing experiences that enrich the lives of financially challenged and otherwise ‘at risk’ children, youth and families, giving them opportunities to experience success, improve their self esteem and build confidence, are issues that have become critical for children in Alberta’s turbulent economy.

Though many children and youth face numerous obstacles, they also have dreams. They yearn to be participants and to make meaningful contributions.

The Legacy Children’s Foundation 'Gift of Music' Programs offer them this opportunity, eliminating the barrier of having the financial resources.

Through access to music lessons, instruments, music studios and through involvement with police and youth mentors, a future scholarship program and other music associated programming, children and youth are provided with opportunities to experience success in their lives and given the education, structure, support and most importantly opportunities to succeed – all through music .

Music has the ability to nurture the hearts and minds of all children and youth and to help them transform their lives through the creative process. It is as much about learning and communicating as it is about learning how to sing, play an instrument or otherwise take part in music experiences. These skills enable young people to be successful and to feel confident throughout their lives. This confidence allows them to ask important questions, make independent choices and pursue meaningful careers that will assist them in becoming successful, contributing adults.

Legacy’s 'Gift of Music' Programs also provide a way for entire communities to share in the experience by donating time and skills (youth learn to help other youth by organizing instrument drives through their schools and mentoring younger youth; adults share their skills as mentors, music teachers, providing instrument repair; organizations support through monetary contributions, sponsorships and/or gifts in kind).

These programs provide a one of a kind, all inclusive music experience, in support of vulnerable and ‘at risk’ children and youth throughout Alberta.




Music Initiatives

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