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Types of Donations

There are many ways to make a gift to The Legacy Children's Foundation.

With increasing demands for support, it is important to take the time to determine how to make "the best gift" - specifically, the gift that provides maximum benefit to the community that is within one's capacity to give.

In order to determine how to make "the best gift”, consider the following factors:

  • Financial circumstances (i.e. financial resources and obligations)
  • Personal circumstances (i.e. will my heirs be taken care of)
  • Philanthropic objectives, such as:
    • Provision of immediate or ongoing support
    • Assurance of wise investment of your gift (regarding both investments and grants)

The following are examples of some common types of gifts:

  • Cash Gifts
  • Gifts of Appreciated Securities
  • Gifts Funded by Life Insurance
  • Bequests

Detailed summaries about these and other gift vehicles are available on The Family Office Web site.

The Family Office

The Family Office has a long history of assisting donors in reaching their philanthropic goals through gift planning strategies that are designed to maximize on tax and estate planning by transferring government directed tax dollars to the donor’s charity of choice.

Family Office advisors can assist you in ensuring that you are aware of the benefits associated with philanthropic planning and the
benefits of positioning yourself with key proven strategies that fall within your overall philanthropic plan, emphasizing the benefits
to you, your family and The Legacy Children’s Foundation.

For further information about how you can work with The Family Office in support of The Legacy Children’s Foundation contact:

Darryl Wernham
Phone: (403) 244-3074
Email: dwernham@legacyfoundation.ca

Musical Instrument Bank

In conjunction with the Dr Stanley G. Finn "Gift of Music" Fund, The Legacy Children’s Foundation has established a Musical Instrument Bank to provide musical instruments for rent/loan or permanent loan to disadvantaged children and youth throughout the city of Calgary.

The bank enables individuals, groups, bands, orchestras and schools who may no longer require their musical instrument(s) to donate them to The Legacy Children’s Foundation for us to distribute to disadvantaged children, youth and communities.

If you have a musical instrument (in good working condition) that you no longer use and you would like to donate it to this cause we would be very happy to accept it and see that it gets to a worthy home.

NOTE: We are unable to accept donations of pianos and organs at this time due to storage space restriction. We can, however, take your name and contact information for our list of potential donors, and contact you if a recipient family and appropriate transportation is identified.

Inquires concerning musical instrument donations should be directed to donations@legacyfoundation.ca or by calling (403) 244-3074.


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Music Initiatives

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