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The project Legacy is endeavoring to develop is a global construct referred to as a HUB. Hubs in Indigenous communities are points of action or movements where the decrease or elimination of community poverty is the primary objective – a noble goal achieved by building upon the passion, talents, and desires of the entire community and not just the interests of a select few. The hallmark of the HUB model is the cooperative nature that exists within the structure that brings local people together that results in a sense of togetherness, collaboration and the belief that economic prosperity can be achieved if everyone is encouraged to participate. This is especially true with respect to indigenous populations, and essential with regard to the creation of an internally driven economy, that embraces the need for a deep cultural adhesion, and preservation of culture in order to overcome the ill effects of multi-general traps of poverty. Within this context of the creation of an internal economy and the preservation of culture, sustainable and life enhancing opportunities can and have proven to be a reality.

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