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Meet The Team

Darryl Wernham

Darryl Wernham

 Founder & Chief Executive Officer


Chairman of the Board

Russell Wallace

Russell Wallace

Shay Radford

Shaye Radford

Board treasurer


Sandra Wernham

Co-founder & Honorary Member

Lori Kovacs

Board secretary


Darryl Wernham

Darryl has a Master's Degree in Social Work from the University of Calgary, has been an Executive Director and Resource Development Consultant for various agencies throughout the city of Calgary. His career has encompassed 40 years of clinical, community and management practice including government, non-government and community based organizations. During his tenure with the Alberta government, Darryl managed a very large Fund on behalf of Calgary's most at-risk youth as a senior manager with Children's Services. Prior to launching Legacy he had the opportunity of providing program research and evaluation services for a group of Anonymous Donors whose funds reached programs throughout Western Canada and targeted communities in the United States. Darryl has raised substantial funds for various charities over the past 10 years as well as providing leadership to The Legacy Children's Foundation, an organization  that he founded and one that he passionately believes in. Darryl is a certified Leadership Trainer, through Phi Theta Kappa in the United States and for 4 years he taught Leadership Development through Mount Royal College, for both the profit and not for profit sectors. Darryl has been instrumental in creating and managing the Gift of Music Programs in association with Legacy and he wholeheartedly believes that the way to tackle many of society's social ills is through community based, early intervention and preventative programming.




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